Zoe-dog is now living her best life. She has been practising self-isolation for over 7 years, emerging only for basic necessities (this category includes, but is not limited to; chasing cats off the property, ensuring Frank-dog is not being preferred and TREATS).

By Jane

Home thoughts from a broad.

5 replies on “Self-isolation.”

Zoe-dog must be akin to my two cats. One hides under the comforter these days and the other, who always loved to go outside, stays inside mostly and if she does go out stays on the patio. They are certainly feeling the uncertainty and want to stay close. Sometimes these days I want to hide under a blanket, too!

I hear you! How lovely it would be to be able to hide away completely! It’s certainly a change for so many pets right now – suddenly their humans are home 24/7. My two are overjoyed. There’ll be time enough to deal with their separation anxiety whenever these social restrictions are lifted.

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