The Barefoot Lecturer


On Tuesday 17 March 2020, I was sent home from work. It was time to start lecturing from home. I said farewell to as many of my colleagues and students as I could find. It was an already much quieter City of London as I walked through Smithfield and Charterhouse Square on my way from Farringdon to Liverpool Street.

Four months, and an uninterrupted work schedule later, I am told that I am expected back in the lecture theatre to deliver in person in September exactly 6 months to the day since I was last there. In the meantime, I have been reminded that I am not cut out for 7 hours + per day sitting at a computer, that I miss my colleagues and the City of London dearly and that I enjoy moving around to interact with students while lecturing.

Now, I also enjoy being barefoot and so, in that respect, working from home has suited me fine. I’ve been Zoom-ready from the waist up; smart shirts, full make-up, ear-rings, all accessorised by the professional smile. From the waist down, it’s been yoga leggings and bare feet. So, while my face is work-mask-ready, my feet are most definitely not work-shoe-ready.

Will the shoe fit?


High and Low

One of my favourite buildings, St. Paul’s Cathedral, in one of my favourite places, the City of London. Ground level pictures were taken on 12 July from Paternoster Square, the elevated shots on 24 July from Madison on the rooftop terrace at One New Change. Even in extreme summer heat, some places always keep their cool.